Busatti: Weavers in Tuscany Since 1842

The Busatti-Sassolini family has been creating fine linens and textiles in Anghiari, Tuscany since 1842. Busatti remains faithful to traditional weaving and manufacturing techniques while expanding their vast range of fabric color, designs and products

The art of weaving has had a home in Anghiari, on the border of Tuscany and Umbria, midway between Rome and Florence, for centuries. This region, the geographic center of the Italian Renaissance, is imbued with sensitivity to beauty and commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship. In 1796, at the Castle of Anghiari, a textile factory specializing in weaving cloth for the French Army troops settled along the Tiber River. By 1808, the factory had transformed itself from serving soldiers to serving neighbors. Although not the original owners of this factory, the Busattis have lived in this region since 1790 and it was their talent and commitment that has kept this same textile factory in operation. Giuseppe Busatti, great-grandfather of the present owners, built hundreds of handlooms, bought the finest linens and cottons, and insisted on exacting craftsmanship for all products that bear the Busatti name.

Today, the Busatti-Sassolini family carries on this tradition, committed to honoring its history. The Busatti workshop is not simply a factory, but it is more correctly thought of a place where “artigiani” – artisans – exercise their craft with pride, skill and passion that comes from centuries of experience. A jacquard loom from 1870-80 runs slowly, but creates beautiful heavy fabrics; mechanical shuttle looms from 1920-30 operate with punch cards and combs, caressing the fiber and not stressing it. The subtle variations in the weaving pattern of Busatti fabrics reveal the process and revive the senses. Busatti weaves to enhance real life.


…we have a kind of a mission to carry on to keep alive the tradition left by our forefathers who worked hard with passion – Giovanni Sassolini

Busatti Villa

Our connection with Busatti began with purchases made on in Italy in 2010 and once home, using the Busatti items acquired there, which were enhanced by daily use, not diminished. The intersection of beauty, wit, warmth and functionality of Busatti was fully revealed and captured us. Atlanta-based Villa LLC established the Busatti Corner in Atlanta in 2014 and we established a presence in Rancho Santa Fe, CA this year.

We draw upon our family ties to Italy and background in communications, marketing, art and architecture and our guiding belief that memories reside in and are created from what we surround ourselves with, that daily beauty is important as a catalyst and that family and home have a capacity to soothe, sustain and create purpose. Busatti Villa values are aptly echoed in the Busatti products used daily in our homes and are privileged to represent.