Our Fabrics

Fabric Compositions and Details

-Busatti primarily produces fabrics that are composed of long staple linen fibers sourced from Belgium and cotton fibers sourced from Egypt

-If the threads are dyed, they are dyed at the very beginning of the process so that the color is deep in the thread itself

-Fabric compositions are most typically 60% linen/40% cotton or 100% linen and 100% cotton

-Fabric is typically wider than those found in the U.S., with widths up to 126” (320 c.), allowing for seamless construction of larger pieces

-Fabrics are typically fully reversible, with changes to color and light reflection varying with each side

-Each Zodiaco fabric (full color range of plain weave linen/cotton fabric) also has a melange or chambray version (introducing a white thread to the weave), offering a subtler color option


-Some bedding fabrics are really two fabrics woven into one piece, resulting in a heavy, soft fabric that requires no ironing.

-Honoring historical tradition, each year in April and May, Busatti sources wool from its area to create a limited amount of wool yarn and wool fabrics. Olive oil is added to the natural wool fibers before combing and carding it at the start of the process.

Customization: Made to Order

Variety and customization characterize Busatti. Their weaving process and finishing methods easily adjust and respond. Busatti does have selected yardage in stock but does not keep a large inventory of finished products, they instead create products specific to their customers’ orders.

-Fabrics and fabric products can be customized

-Warp or weft colors for all patterns can be adjusted

-No minimum order is required

-Embroidery options include machine, hand-guided machine, hand

-Finishes include machine hem, hemstitch (single and double), scallop, border, embroidered, fringe (hand), lace (thin and wide, machine and hand), tassels (hand), cord

-Any product that Busatti has produced in the past can be produced again

Care of Busatti Fabrics and Products

Busatti fabrics are 100% natural fibers and will develop additional beauty over time. Cream colored linens will become more white, textures will soften, coloring will remain rich.

Care of Busatti is most simply expressed as gentle wash and line or gentle tumble dry, removing while damp to shape and smooth. Press as needed.

For items with fringe and tassel finishes, bind tassels in a neutral rubber band prior to washing.

Items can be dry cleaned with any solvent except Trichloroethylene (care label will indicate).

Our Products

  • Fabric by the yard (60% linen/40% cotton, 100% linen, 100% cotton)
  • Table cloths, runners, placemats (American and Italian style), napkins, table pads
  • Kitchen towels, aprons, potholders, bread/herb bags
  • Bath Linens:  guest/hand/bath towels, mats, robes
  • Bed Linens:  coverlets of varying fill weights, throws, duvets, sheeting, shams
  • Pillow and cushion covers
  • Curtains
  • Baby linens
  • Bags, purses and miscellaneous fabric items
  • Busatti table, glass and flatware-made in Italy

The catalogue includes selected fabrics, Busatti colors, product finishing options and standard product sizes. Full line of fabric samples can be viewed in the Busatti Atlanta showroom.