Summer Days

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It’s the season for some travel at Busatti in Atlanta; we will be gone at various times for family visits and are (excitedly) working on a trip to Italy to visit Expo 2015 in Milano and Busatti in Anghiari.

Busatti in Atlanta hours are not yet regular, but please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a gift need, want to browse, or stop by to visit-at the last minute or in advance; we are always very happy to hear from you and appreciate your interest. We can also send photos of in-stock items, deliver fabric samples or gifts to you, and hopefully make things work for you as we move towards a more regular presence this fall. We share space with Rumson Gifts & Home and they are open Tuesday and Thursday from 9-4 during June and July, so please also feel free to drop in during those times to browse or purchase Busatti.

We have a wide assortment of dishtowels and aprons in stock (some summer-themed), table and bath linens of all kinds, spectacular throw pillows and smaller items like totes, bracelets, purses, sachets-all here for purchase. We have a beautiful new bedding display, showcasing Busatti sheets, coverlets, shams, throws and curtains; we can help you renew or redo your bedroom furnishings. And, always, we have samples of all available Busatti fabrics for you to take for consideration, to order both yardage and finished items from. Busatti weaves an incredible range of linen and cotton thread fabrics and they then create finished goods from their fabrics by order. Everything you see in our showroom are items we asked them to make; anything you may want will be custom made for you. Busatti is very responsive, with finished items and custom yardage typically arriving 4 weeks from order time to delivery here; in stock yardage can typically arrive within 2 weeks. Their workmanship is both evident in the weave and the finishing, delivering a level of detail that is simply hard to replicate. Busatti adds a richness to everyday life, from small ways to larger, in every season.

Summer wishes from Busatti in Atlanta

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