What’s New, are Things Old

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What’s New, are Things Old

In the cellar of Palazzo Morgalanti, Busatti’s home in Anghiari, looms weave, thread is dyed, fabric is stored, and orders are cut and organized for finishing each day.

On our spring visit, we took time to search for and select bolts of fabric that Busatti no longer weaves, for the last pieces of vintage linens, to carry pieces of the past forward to our Shop in Atlanta.

Pictured below is some of the yardage we found, suitable for custom tablecloths, upholstery and cushions, and now at our Showroom in Atlanta.

We will share our special guest towel selection soon, as we await some final pieces arriving soon from Anghiari.

All Busatti fabric and pieces carry the history of eight generations of family weaving in a Tuscan village with them; the pieces and fabrics that we found and selected this spring echo even more distinctly as reflections of a heritage of unique beauty and quality.

from Busatti Villa
























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